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As part of my undergrad work at Oklahoma State University, students in the School of Media and Strategic Communication must create a portfolio to showcase their work from select classes. This page is designed to showcase those projects and future employers what skills I have. 

Italicized pages are not yet available for viewing.

A personal code of ethics was created to base all present and future work I do on.

Social Media

Reactions to social media trends and topics from social media theories class.

I spent a lot of time in writing classes for strat comm. This is a collection of my best writing.


Work from my time as the photo editor and editor-in-chief at the student newspaper. 

As I started to work towards a social media focus, I added video electives to hone my skills.


Work from projects I did as the research and safety intern for OSU brand management.

Graphic Design

Work from SC graphic design and work from my time as a graphic design major. 

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