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Hey There

You're allowing me to help you create and capture memories that can last a lifetime, so let's be friends and get to know each other! 

My name is Abigail Cage, but everyone calls me Abby.

All About Me

I spent a lot of high school growing my knowledge and skills in all sorts of media including photography, videography, graphic design and animation. Art is one of the biggest parts of my life. I took those skills with me to college and they formed a path of what I want to do when I grow up.


I am studying Strategic Communication at Oklahoma State University. I spend my free time babysitting and freelancing. My goal is to use my skills to tell important stories. I want to use videos and photos to capture special memories for people. Using this art to make a difference in people's lives, leaving them with a positive impact is my ultimate goal. 

I am also an intern at OSU Brand Management this school year. I spend a lot of time covering OSU events and news for the research and safety social medias. 

I love helping people celebrate and capture moments in their life. Whether it be a video, photos, planning, we all have those moments we never want to forget. Those happy moments are worth capturing. 

When I started to think about my future, I found myself wanting to help bring joy to people, and help them when they're having a rough day. While psychology is not my strongest point, I found that art can help bring people joy and the smiles I long to help people find. 

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